Michelle Davies, PRW Consulting presents

Blossom Relationships Launch Event

Sunshine Coast, Australia


An inclusive event carefully selected to encourage our clients to engage more socially, based on the principles of inclusivity and the development of social skills for people with disability.

The coaching and encouragement provided by our expert coordinators will make an impact from day one.

Register your interest here for more information about our launch event coming soon in 2023!

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If you’re interested in attending any of these events but need help registering or want someone to go with you, feel free to contact the team at:

Tel: 0422 632 280 Email: admin@noosapsychologyclinic.com.au


If you have any dietary, access, or support requirements in order to participate fully, please let us know when you RSVP to ensure that we can arrange any reasonable adjustments. Please note: the venue is accessible for people using wheelchairs and other mobility aids.